Love Hate Relationship

Moment of Confession: I have a love-hate relationship with exercise. If exercise involves socializing, I’m way more likely to participate. (I wish I loved exercise as much as I love cooking and eating!) I had a great night on Sunday learning how to rock climb with my cousins and friends, Mariah and Christian. I love experimenting with movement and finding new forms of exercise I enjoy.

Exercise is an important part of maintaining a healthy weight.  When you move your body, you increase your circulation and the movement of your lymph fluid.  Movement improves your immune system, helps you have a clear mind, and improves your mood.  Exercise helps release hormones that make you feel less stressed – and less stress allows you to control your weight more easily! Exercise helps you use the energy you’ve consumed through eating AND does so much more.

I challenge you to try a new form of movement today!

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