Becky Blixrud is knowledgeable on what we put on and in our bodies, but more importantly, she is a supporter of self-compassion and care. She has helped me through a sugar detox, reach realistic exercising goals, been my mentor in my healthy eating habits, and brought more happiness in my life. Becky is an army of educational tools, references, effective dialogue and honest feedback; she reminds me to listen and trust what my body and mind are telling me. I have learned to live and eat healthier, take care of myself while still caring for others, and best of all, to cook more and explore new recipes. Becky never judges me in any way. I really appreciate her professionalism, grace and guidance. You are awesome, thank you, Becky!

Monica Chan

First Client

I've been able to learn about how the body works and proper nutrition in a holistic fashion, as opposed to hitting weights and popping creatine... It's helpful for me to actually be able to talk to someone about my health without being judged. [Becky] has lots of knowledge, lots of good things to help you learn about nutrition and incorporate it into your lifestyle. It has made a huge difference for me. I definitely feel healthier and a lot more fit than I was a year ago, and also a lot more organized in my life.


Young Professional

I used to be super stressed out about everything and had a terrible sleep pattern, wasn't eating well, didn't feel good about myself - especially my weight and how my body was looking... I find that now I still get stressed out but I am able to deal with it a lot better. Becky has taught me a lot about how to manage that stress. I feel a lot more comfortable about how I look. I am back to wearing clothes I used to wear in high school, which is awesome! My eating has gotten a lot better and generally feeling better about things I am doing in my life.


Student and Outdoor Enthusiast